About Us

Our E-Waste Service Approach

E-Cycle Solutions Company has a best & authorized e-waste processing facility at Bangalore and Chennai (Karnataka & Tamilnadu). We recycle computer scrap & electronics waste and disposition it for reuse, end-of-life (EOL), manufacture, integration, and recycling. Electronic scrap not suitable to get dispositional for reuse like old computer monitors, old televisions (TV), cell phones(Mobiles), old laptops & Other Electronic Scraps etc. are sorted down to the component level and each component are sorted to convert it back into raw materials (usable materials) towards manufacturing of new and existing products. In some cases, the e-waste reuse or recycling of EEE (Electrical & Electronic) is very complicated to achieve. Therefore, some components & products require final disposal at properly licensed by the Indian Government with permitted facilities.

Our Electronic Waste Recycling Story

Our recycling plant partners spread over India our strength in addressing the problem of e-waste disposal, electronic waste getting hazardous to the environment. Staffed by a team of skilled technicians we are able to de-manufacture and recycle most electronic items like CRT monitors, Laptops, Computers, TV(LED, LCD, CRT)Televisions, Networking equipment like Server, MP3 Player, and Audio Devices, Mobile Phones, Scanner, Printers, Old LCD's and Old PLC's.